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Let's celebrate solar in SE Wisconsin and the relocation of MREA Milwaukee office to Escuela Verde! Our good friends at Central Waters Brewing Company, Milwaukee Brewing Company, Colectivo Coffee, and Outpost Natural Foods have donated beverages that we'll be pairing with tasty appetizers from the these local businesses:

Riverwest Co-op & Café
Le Rêve Patisserie and Café
Beans & Barley
Smoke Shack
Café Corazon
Maxies/Blues Egg/Story Hill BKC
Bass Bay Brewhouse
Engine Company No. 3

Feeling lucky? Check out our raffle prizes: Sunjack solar charger, "Beer for a Year" from Central Waters Brewing Co., Pabst Brewery tour tickets, Milwaukee Admirals tickets, Tequila tasting for 8 from Belair, and much more.

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The Wisconsin Solar Tour, Saturday October 3

With the falling of the leaves and the coming of winter, the Whitehouse declares October National Energy Awareness Month. Consider increasing your energy awareness by participating in the Wisconsin Solar Tour, Saturday, October 3, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

On October 3, homes and businesses across Wisconsin are holding open house tours of their renewable energy systems and energy efficient projects between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. The public is encouraged to visit homes and businesses on the tour to learn first-hand the benefits and costs of clean energy and energy efficiency. The tours also give Wisconsinites a glimpse of the variety and diversity of renewable energy and green building projects. To see tours across the state visit:

The Wisconsin Solar Tour is part of the 20th Annual National Solar Tour, Saturday, October 3, 2015, promoted by the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) and the American Solar Energy Society (ASES).


Energy Fair Artwork - Request for Proposal

We are back at enthusiasticly planning The 27th Annual Energy Fair and are putting the call out to artists to collaborate with us on a design for The 2016 Energy Fair, June 17-19!

Each year, we work with talented artists who design beautiful artwork that showcases the theme for the year and the amazing variety of experiences available at The Energy Fair. This year, The Energy Fair theme is focused around transparency, public participation, and democracy. Mock-ups are due October 12 and the artist will be chosen by October 28. Please read the request for proposal for more details, share with any artist you know who might be interested, and contact Devon, for any questions.


2015 Rate Cases: Make a Public Comment!

It has been and always will be the MREA’s vision, that our programs and services will respond to evolving energy issues, empower people to make wise lifestyle choices, and be accessible to the broadest possible audience. We will share our success with other like-minded organizations, recognizing that we are stronger when we all work together for our common goals.  

We wanted to inform you of the proposed increase in Wisconsin Public Service and Xcel Energy’s fixed monthly rate charges for 2016 that will negatively impact customer owned investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy and penalize those who use the least energy. 

Last year WPS was approved for an $8.00 increase and is now asking for another $6.00 per month, jumping from a $19.00 fixed rate to a steep $25.00 fixed rate all before you even use any electricity. If this rate is approved WPS monthly rates will have gone from $11 in 2014 to $25 in 2016. That is a 127% increase before any electricity is used by a consumer.

Xcel Energy is also seeking to increase their monthly fixed rates, asking the Public Service Commission to approve a $10.00 rate increase to $18.00.

Utility companies are posturing that the huge increases in fixed monthly charges are about fairness to all customers. Utilities claim that customers who have installed renewable energy systems are not “paying their far share”, all without providing any data to back up this assertion. In fact all studies to date have shown that customer owned solar provides benefits to ALL customers, not just the system owner. MREA Executive Director Nick Hylla wrote an editorial for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel detailing the situation.

Let your voice be heard! Our friends at RENEW WI have set up an easy way for you to let your support of renewable energy and energy efficiency be heard. Click on the links below to submit your comment to the Public Service Commission.

Click here to submit a public comment in protest of WPS Increase:

Click here to submit a public comment in protest of Xcel Energy Increase:



MREA Issues RFP for 100 kw Array

MREA is seeking proposals for construction and installation of an up to 100 kw array at our headquarters location in Custer, WI. MREA is interested in a mounting structure that can host The Clean Energy Car Show during The Energy Fair and potentially serve as a three season event space and provide sheltered storage.  

The array will be a great showcase system and visited anually by 30,000 people interested in clean energy. If your company is interested in showcasing your work on this high-visibility installation please see the full RFP here: 

For questions and additional information, please contact Doug Stingle at 715-592-6595 or


Introducing the Virtual Solar Power Hour!

The Solar Power Hourâ„ , our one-hour educational session for home, business, and farm owners, is now available online. Discover the benefits of solar energy for your home, small business, or farm from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. This one-hour presentation discusses solar market trends, describes the basic components of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, outlines the process for installing solar PV, and introduces incentive options and economic benefits.

Visit the Virtual Solar Power HourSM today!